Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Travis ....Travis....Travis

Yesterday we did our monthy Sam's doing so, there are TONS of groceries....while we were shopping, Jared kept asking me how we were going to keep Travis from getting into the food (we have a freezer in the shed & another fridge in the pantry)... I assured him I would make sure the locks are all in place (yes, we have had to put locks on the pantry, and there luckily was already a lock on the shed's freezer)...anyways, I had Travis playing outside...he had been out there for a while without much comotion (which is usually a quick indication that he is doing something, he probably shouldn't)...I peeked out the window and he was eating a FROZEN corn dog..... Chloe also was eating a frozen corn dog ( Travis learned that he gave Chloe a cut of what ever he was into, she wouldn't rat on him- they may not know how to read, but they are definately working the system).....Apparently, he measured up the lock and picked it with a shed full of screwdrivers and stuff, b/c the key was still in my pocket....Jared thought it was brilliant and smiled from ear to ear- Brilliant wasn't any of the words I was thinking off....I am not sure that LaCoste elementary is quite prepared for Travis in Kindergarten next year, I am sure I will be asked to visit, I fixed the problem w/Travis ....he went to work with dad!


Orr Family said...

This hilarious but at the same time I can't believe he was able to pick the lock. A frozen corn dog does not sound like it would be very good! :)

Chana said...

That is so funny! What a smart kid! You've got your hands full!

Karen McNiel said...

This is way too cute/funny. Better that he's yours and not mine! Another option would be to send him to Grandma Houghton's for the day (do NOT tell your mother that I suggested this).
I love your blog. I'll have to suggest to Dana that she consider this. Of course she's just going to have all kinds of time after the twins get here (snicker, snicker). Take care.
Karen McNiel