Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boy Scouting

     Hi! My name is Jacob,
      I am  writing about a topic for my Communications requirement in Boy Scouts. My topic I am going to write about is the importance of the Boy Scout program. there are so many things that make this program so important.  If you wanted to, you could sort them all into one big category and say that it prepares you for adulthood and your life after scouting. It does this by learning for one how to survive in desperate situation, such as a plane crash. Then you also learn your basic survival skills, such as editable  plants and how to survive on your own in the middle of nowhere. so far my favorite thing in scouting is the survival skills such as editable plants and etc.. One of my goals as a scout is to become an eagle scout by the time I am fourteen. this will be a huge accomplishment if I meet my goal. one of the reasons I am shooting for that goal is because my dad and a few of his brothers finished at fourteen.

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