Friday, June 17, 2011

Meidna Valley Track Team- 2011

The Barton have a new tradition.....this was the first year we participated in the Track Season, which in the summer it is open from 5yrs of age to 13 or consists of 3 track meets at different schools and loads of ribbons. My kids had so much fun trying all the different events and being with their friends as well as making new friends from Medina Valley....

Chloe inherited my sense of athleticism, this is her "running" but the hurdle she is supposed to jump over was already tipped over, so she goes around it. She actually has a run I like to call the "butterfly run" when she actually does run....

At the first track meet, Travis participated in all the different runs, including the mile....but I dont think he realized that he would have to run the track 4 times to have it count as the mile, which he did finish, and even recieved a ribbon, but on the next track meet he was much more selective on the runs he did :)

We received a handful of ribbons of every color, even a few first, second and third places....What you don't see in these pictures from the track meet is that it is actually between 100-1003 degrees outside in the blazing sun- and I do mean BLAZING!! Nor do you see me following my children( following 5 children in all different directions is ribbon worthy in and of itself) with the sunscreen spray reapplying and reapplying, and me threatening my children that they will not participate in the events if they do not have enough sunscreen on. man, it was HOT!

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