Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Picnic Day

Every year, the last day before spring break, their school does a family picnic for lunch (and then they encourage all the parents to take their children home after lunch:)) I always pick something up from a fast-food place, this year the kids requested Subway.....what they didn't tell me was that everyone else in LaCoste elementary was requesting Subway as well....It seriously took me 40mins in Subway (huge disadvantage to living in a small town) but it was lots of fun none the less....we took a big blanket to sit on and enjoyed a fun lunck together.....It was incredibly difficult to get all 5 of them in the picture at the same time, in fact, as I was leaving, I told them I wouldn't sign them out of school if they wouldnt go stand by the tree so I could get a group picture of there you go, wise mother of five!!

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