Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Travis!! (december 11th)

I don't often find myself unable to express how I feel....but to put my feelings for this little man into words is on the difficult side....How to convey just how wonderful and at the same time about to drive me crazy just doesnt even begin.....I never knew just how boring and ordinary my life was without this little guy....and since then, it's as though another color has been added to the rainbows :) When people would ask me about him, I would tell them that his spirit is sobig and full of life, his little body is about to burst!! And that is exactly what Travis is to me....full of life, full of those things you never think to tell your children not to do until he is already knee deep doing whatever it is....In fact, at my mom's funeral, many of her colleagues who I had never met or spoken to, approached me with their condolances and then immediately asked if they could meet Travis- they had heard so much about him they wanted to see the boy behind the stories was almost legendary..... Aside from all the funny memories and hysterical stories which are much more funny now that they have come and gone, my favorite thing about Travis is that he has the warmest heart I have ever met-ever!! even in that 7 year old make friends with Travis is to make a friend forever! May fireworks fill the skies on your special day:)HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!!

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