Friday, June 4, 2010

End of another school year ---YEAH!!

Once we have the awards assembly, school is officially OVER!! The below pics are of Megan and Jacob and Travis with their classes for their awards assembly....and yup, it's official, my kids are a bunch of smarties.....Megan was our first 3rd grader, and when you're in 3rd grade you have to take special state testing.....which MISS MEGAN got a big fat PERFECT SCORE on hers :)

MR JACOB stomped his smart sister with his reading points, in fact, he was THE top reader in his class....

Then, my dear Travis....he made top grades in KINDER as well, his teacher told me many times, that Travis just made her smile, all the time with his charm :)
***I will stop bragging now

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Grace and family... said...

It's about time you stopped bragging!! Haha JUST KIDDING! Tell them congrats from the Gregson's!