Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jacob the Hunter

We have been trying to catch the baby rabbits to put them in their house....Jared taught Megan and Jacob a rabbit catching trick...you know, the one you see in the cartoons....you have a large box propted on a stick with a carrot inside......as soon as a rabbit starts nibbling on the carrot- you pull the string that is attatched to the stick....Well, Megan and her friend Ashley had fun doing that for a couple of hours....but those rabbits are tricky....but Jacob can stay out there for hours...and has done so every day after school...he even made a blind to hide behind (he layed his bike in front of him, so the rabbits don't notice him laying down with the string....it is ver fun to watch out the kitchen window :)


Mercedes Johnson said...

Awwww how cute!You guys do the funnest stuff at ya'lls place.That's the bad part about living in the city again.NO ANIMALS!!!!!!!!That's probably one of the big things that I miss.No woods.No cows.No dogs.No rabbits.No deer.No old friends.:(But we do have TUNS,and TUNS of squirrels!!there's hardly a time when there isn't one on the fence.Well,if i don't stop,you'll have a post as one of your comments.Well keep the good time rollin'!!

TaylorClan said...

That is one smart kid! Nice to know it does not take much to keep him busy and entertained.